It’s time to live the life you love regardless of your husband’s job!

It’s time to create the life you love regardless of your husband’s job!

You’re disappointed that your husband is still at work and that you’ve had to put the kids to bed by yourself again. To say you’re exhausted by the demands of life is an understatement. 

You’ve searched for a solution, but all the articles tout “self-care.” You audibly laugh out loud since you can barely find time for a bathroom break, let alone a daily shower. You wish he could change jobs, but you also know all the reasons why he is staying.

You feel trapped.

This is not the life you dreamt of when you were younger. You dreamt of evenings together, talking and laughing after kids go down. Instead, you’ve experienced yet another stressful night of kids refusing the dinner you made, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and the house is covered in toys and piles of laundry. 

There’s no relief in sight, just hours left of juggling jammies and stories, teeth brushing and bottles. After you finally make it through the nightly battle, you sit alone wishing for companionship while you scroll through Instagram.

You feel frustrated.

You feel frustrated because you never planned to go at life and kids alone. You feel annoyed that you never know when he might be home. You feel bugged every time you go to a family birthday party alone with the kids. You also feel sad because deep down you know the frustration is a mask for missing him and missing You. The You before the stress and the exhaustion.

I can help you!

My mini session is for you, mama. From the comfort of your own home, we will talk over the phone for 30 minutes. We will find out what causes you the most frustration during your long days, as well as discuss the exhaustion that you feel. We will dive into what’s keeping you from fully living the life you have and want to love. We’ll also get clear on how you can live it right now.

I get you!

My mini session coachees feel a weight lifted knowing there is someone to guide them through these unique challenges that their husband’s demanding accounting career brings to them and their family. They learn how their brain is working against them during these challenges, and how to make it work for them. They also find out that there is hope for joy now, and not when their husband gets a new job. They leave the mini session knowing how to deal with the exhaustion and frustration so they can live their life that they love.

What now?

Click on the button below to sign up for your free mini session now. Enter your name and email, then press send. I’ll get back to you shortly afterward to set up a time for your mini session.

Still not sure?

You may be thinking, “this all sounds good, but how will I ever find time to make a 30 minute phone call?” Or, “I’ll do this once busy season is over and things have calmed down.” Or, “this isn’t going to work with kids in the background.” I completely disagree!

This is the perfect time for coaching!

As you know, life does not get easier or simpler. No one is going to free up time for you and tell you, “now is your time for life coaching!” And, before you know it, you are back in the thick of another busy season or client deadline struggling to survive. Find the time now to invest 30 minutes in yourself and your mental health. Put a show on for your kids or have them in your lap while I coach you, I don’t mind!

Still have concerns?

You may be thinking that you are uncomfortable telling someone you’ve never met before about your problems or that you don’t want to be sold something. These thoughts of fear are keeping you in the same place you have already been.

You having nothing to lose!

I promise to create a safe place for you to unpack your feelings where you will feel loved and understood. You will leave feeling lighter than before your call. And, although I do have paid clients, it is my mission to make sure every accounting wife has this information available to them for free because you deserve to  live your life to the fullest and to have the skills to know how to do it.

Don’t let your kids, your schedule, or your fears hold you back from making room for yourself. You deserve to know how to deal with the exhaustion and frustration you feel right now.

Go ahead and click Click on the button below to get in touch with me about your free mini session. Talk to you soon!

what my clients say

"Lara will guide you with love and wisdom to achieve the goal and life you want."

Lara Johnson is the life coach I would recommend for anyone who wants to build a better life by walking in peace and wisdom. Lara uses a powerful coaching model that includes techniques from cognitive and focusing therapy, which teaches clients how to change the way you look at your life circumstances, thoughts and actions. She teaches you how to choose wiser thoughts by relying on the wisdom of your mind and body. Lara will guide you with love and wisdom to achieve the goal and life you want.
Karin R.
Positive Psychology grad student

"My happiness has sky rocketed."

I am still in the middle of my program with Lara. I have listened to life coaching podcasts before so I understood a little bit of what I was “getting myself into” 🙂 BUT I honestly had no idea how much it would help me. Before I started the program, I had been in a “funk” for a few months. I had a lot of changes in my life the year before I started with Lara, and with my husband about to start busy season soon I knew I had to do SOMETHING besides just listen to inspirational podcast if I was going to get through busy season without wanting to crawl in a hole and never come out. Within the first week of talking to Lara I realized I a lot to work on. I LOVE that she gave me homework every week. It helped me think about myself daily and honestly my kids AND my husband told me within the first week how big of a difference they saw in me. I, of course am still working on myself and have plenty to do but I love that she gives me something different to practice every week. Im proud of myself but really have Lara to thank for changing the way I think. Literally. Adjusting my thoughts has been my biggest accomplishment in all of this, which in turn changes EVERYTHING about how I am living! My happiness has sky rocketed.
Sara B.

"The relationship I have with my wife has really grown throughout the coaching.​"

Being coached has been great. I have learned a lot about myself, including how to relax and how to live in the moment. I have learned how to let things go. I have learned that my thoughts are not reality, they are only perceptions. All in all, I have really been thankful for it. The relationship I have with my wife has really grown throughout the coaching.
Spencer B.

"I now have tools that I can use whatever circumstance comes up."

Working with Lara has been one of the most transformational and valuable experiences I have had. I've done therapy, I've read books, I've taken courses, but getting to work 1:1 with Lara was the most worthwhile investment of them all. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about Lara. Working with her has improved my outlook on life, transformed how I interact with my husband, children, family, friends, and myself. I now have tools that I can use whatever circumstance comes up. If you are considering working with Lara, do it! I truly cannot recommend her more highly!
Jackie H.

"I now feel more in control of how I act instead of feeling like life is spinning all around me."

Working with Lara has taught me how to view the circumstances in my life as neutral experiences. She has taught me to step back in these situations and decide how I want to feel about the circumstance instead of reacting immediately and full of emotion. What a change this has made in how I perceive every area of my life. I now feel more in control of how I act instead of feeling like life is spinning all around me and I am just a bystander.
Tiffanie J.
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