What if you weren't exhausted or frustrated with husband’s accounting job?

What if you weren't exhausted or frustrated with husband’s accounting job?

About Lara

What if you weren't exhausted or frustrated with husband’s accounting job?

I’m Lara Johnson, Certified Life Coach, mother to 3 angelic tyrants, and wife to a career-minded accountant.

For years, I felt frustrated with his job. He made good money, and his job looked great on his resume, but I was exhausted. Well intentioned people and therapists suggested that a change in jobs would alleviate the pain, but we had too many reasons why he needed to stay.

I thought his job was the reason I was exhausted.

After many years of my husband working for one of “The Big 4,” I discovered life coaching through The Life Coach School. 

It was different than the therapy I had done because it focused on my present thoughts and not in my past. It taught me that powering my way through life was leaving me exhausted and even more frustrated.

I learned that it was my own brain holding me back from what I wanted.

I learned that my husband’s job wasn’t what was causing me to feel frustrated and exhausted. It was my own thoughts about his job. I learned that I could live a life that I love right now once I taught my brain how to work for me and not against me. 

That transformation has opened up greater joy in my marriage and in my family than I ever realized was possible in our busy circumstances.

I coach women who are actively looking for something more!

I know you are tired of feeling exhausted by the demands of life. I know you are tired of feeling frustrated that his job is constantly keeping him away from you and your kids. I know you are constantly trying to survive the revolving door of busyness. 

I also know that you’ve tried to make life easier for yourself with Marie Kondo’s super folding, Pinterest cleaning schedules, and life hack survival guides. You’ve looked into meditation apps and even thought about therapy. You might even feel overwhelmed on how to find time for a therapy appointment or even if it is right for you.

That’s why this is amazing work!

I tailor my coaching to my clients’ specific “flying solo” lifestyle so you don’t have to get a sitter, leave your house, or implement a long list of to-dos. 

We work through video or phone calls so you can have a safe place to unpack all your emotions from the comfort of your home. Through the program, we break down the frustrations you feel toward your husband’s job and the exhaustion you feel from life and kids. We dive into how to address these things in your life by breaking down your subconscious thinking, so that you can start living the life you love right now.

My clients develop real skills to improve their lives.

This is not rainbows and unicorns positive thinking, but cognitive psychology-based techniques that will help you address your exhaustion and frustration head on, as well as give you a clear roadmap on how to get there regardless of all the demands you have right now.

So, you’re ready to start.

I offer a few mini sessions a week so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other. In your call we’ll dive into some of the concerns you are facing and discuss solutions that will allow you to put changes into action immediately without having to feel overwhelmed.

Go ahead and click on the button below to sign up for your free mini session now. Enter your name and email, then press send. I’ll get back to you shortly afterward to set up a time. Talk to you soon!

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