What if everything you believed about work-life balance was wrong?

What if everything you believed about work-life balance was wrong?

About Lara

What if everything you believed about work-life balance was wrong?

I’m Lara Johnson, Certified Life Coach, wife to a successful CPA (aka #The Accountant), and mother to 3 angelic tyrants.

I know the challenges accountants face in creating work-life balance within the accounting industry, and how it negatively impacts one’s emotional and physical well-being.

I saw this first hand with my own husband, and every accountant we knew. Every day their lists got longer and their guilt grew heavier. They gave their work their all, but felt their tank was empty for their families by the time they got home.

This vicious cycle took my husband down, and many others we knew. Yet, there were not solutions that applied to what they were going through.

I say, “Forget that.”

Having been trained and certified by the premier Life Coach School, I knew it was time to apply the skills I had to the accounting industry.

I began coaching accountants about how their current concept of balance is causing them pain, and increasing the problem. By learning the science behind their brains, and what to do about it, they became less exhausted and frustrated and more focused and present in all areas of their life.

Has your interest been piqued?

I know you are tired of feeling like your drowning and that you have nothing left to give to your family. I know you want the internal clock to your next deadline to slow down. I know you think “positive thinking” is garbage, and that you can figure this out on your own.

I also know you’re ready for change, but don’t feel like you have time for it.

That’s why you need me.

As your life coach, I’m here to teach you how you can create that balance you want in your life right now. You’ll finally let go of the guilt that’s bogging you down, become more focused at work, and enjoy being present in the relationships in your life.

You can talk wherever you are at, through phone calls or video chat, without having to take additional time to drive and wait for an appointment.

We’ll discuss how your beliefs of balance are subconsciously sabotaging you from moving forward with less stress and less guilt.

This is not rainbows and unicorns positive thinking, but cognitive psychology-based techniques that will help you create the balance you’re seeking right now without adding more to you to-do list.

Curious? Let’s talk.

Click below to sign up for your free consultation. We’ll dive right into the spiral you’re experiencing with your current work-life balance, and discuss solutions you can put into action right now that will help you move forward with ease.

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