A home for accounting families like you.

A home for accounting families like you.

You are sitting alone in your bed at night while your spouse is still working. You are listening to the clanking of their keyboard while you feel guilty about the piles you should be cleaning up off the floor. Instead, you start scrolling social media. You see families taking vacations and doing fun things. It seems like it is easier for them because long working hours aren’t eating into their family time.

You miss the days of carefree conversations with your spouse where both of you are present and connecting. You hate that clients have access anytime to them through work email on their phone. You feel like you talk their ear off while they work, but wonder if they actually hear anything.

You wonder if their long hours will affect their relationship with the kids. You also wonder about your relationship with the kids. You are so desperate for a kid break that you often find yourself snapping at them after another round of 20 questions in 30 seconds.

You wish you had a place you could with someone that understands what you’re experiencing. Someone that could help guide you through the unique challenges the accounting industry brings your family. Someone that would listen free of judgement. Someone that could teach you how to make it better regardless of if there’s a job change or not.

To you, friend, I say welcome home!

At The Consolidated Life, I am here for you. I know what it’s like speaking in endless accounting acronyms and counting down until the next deadline only to have a new one arise. I know what it’s like “flying solo” at a family birthday parties where everyone is asking why your spouse isn’t there on a Saturday night.

I have also learned how to survive and thrive as a family within the accounting industry. I have learned how to pursue my own goals, create our own special family time, strengthen my marriage, even when work is busy. I am so excited to teach you how to do the same.

It’s time you have a coach to help you navigate life in the accounting world because no one deserves to go at it feeling alone. Click here to set up a consult with me where we’ll discuss the challenges you experience as an accounting family, and then create a roadmap for how I can help you. Once you click on the link, put “I’m ready!” in the subject line, and then hit send. I’ll take it from there.

I look forward to talking with you!!

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